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  • LORI (NY) | Noire Pictures

    LORI ​ WEATHER REPORT in NY Lori, a young woman who accidentally locks herself out of her apartment. When she has her new set of keys made at her neighborhood locksmith she learns that not only her door was locked, but her entire self. ​ Script: Paula Gelly Director of Photography: Cesar Charlone ​ ​ Lori © 2021, Paula du Gelly. All rights reserved.

  • WEATHER REPORT | Noire Pictures

    WEATHER REPORT Feature film about the impact of global warming. In 5 different cities in the world. Sao Paulo ​ Rio de Janeiro ​ New York ​ Los Angeles ​ Paris

  • My Loves - SAO PAULO | Noire Pictures

    MY LOVES ​ WEATHER REPORT IN SAO PAULO Tom Vevel Downe's legendary work gets destroyed during a flood - leaving the photographer devastated. Determined to salvage his work and career, he hires a team to help him. When one of the chemists develops a magical potion, what was supposed to be helpful turns out to ruin his life.

  • Hail Morphine (LOS ANGELES) | Noire Pictures

    HAIL MORPHINE! ​ WEATHER REPORT in LA ​ ​ ​ ​ Cecily receives an unsolicited visitor inside her car: a panic attack. ​ ​

  • PORCELAIN | Noire Pictures

    PORCELAIN ポースレン short film in post production We're all in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars ... Oscar Wilde Porcelain talks about innocence. From the trajectory of the interrupted girl who was suspended in chaos (broken like porcelain) but protected by her own innocence. Like the characters of Tennessee Williams, Charles Chaplin (The Tramp) who belong to nothing but accept the invitation to ride the chaos, and experience the magic - which begins in the deepest desires, of the magical solitude of our childhoods. ​ Cast and Crew ​ Script and conception: Paula Gelly Director of Photography: Bob Wolfenson Producer: Paula Gelly, Estudio Bob Wolfenson Graphic Design: Guto Lacaz Production: Luciana Lehfeld, Kat Rosa Hair and Make Up: Studio W/ Wanderley Nunes Team ​ Partners: YogaFlow, Gaia Pole ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Porcelain © 2019, Paula du Gelly. All rights reserved.

  • Santa Klaus Is Coming To RIO (RIO) | Noire Pictures

    SANTA KLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN ​ WEATHER REPORT in RIO! LOGLINE ​ Trying to save a patient from an accident, Elaine, a lonely doctor suddenly must jump into a new role of her unfulfilled life - a role where she must move like there is no tomorrow. DANCE DANCE DANCE!! SINOPSYS ​ Set in contemporary Sao Paulo, Brazil "Santa Klaus Is Coming To Town" is a romantic comedy about becoming a person of your own. Just before Christmas, Elaine, a Catholic lonely doctor on her 60’s receives a phone call from her ballerina neighbor - who just suffered a severe injury during rehearsals for a Christmas Show. Elaine runs over to the dance studio to examine her. As the neighbor leaves the studio the choreographer asks Elaine to mark her neighbor’s spot on the dance floor as they rush to get the show ready. On the dance floor, Jazz music and stylized movements with other dancers Elaine lights up and falls in love with dance and the dance world. Overcoming her limited beliefs, she enrolls for class to be part of the Christmas Show. However Elaine’s dream is at stake when her only left family member - her older sister Margot - must go for a delicate surgery just before the show.

  • DIgital Cage (PARIS) | Noire Pictures

    DIGITAL CAGE an agony WEATHER REPORT in PARIS ​ please click on the downloadable image below for the presentation.

  • Because It Was Her, Because It Was Him | Noire Pictures

    Because It Was Her, Because It Was Him ( TV Series) ​ ​ by Paula du Gelly ​ Project to be produced ** Script and Bible available on request. Because It Was Him, Because It Was It is a TV series with standalone episodes. It has as its plot female characters going through a life crisis. Set in different parts of the world, women of different ages, social classes and ethnicity- the female gender will be explored. The stories are funny, tragic, sexy, serious, hysterical and sad. ​ ​ ​ ​ Because It Was Her, Because It Was Him © 2017, Paula du Gelly. All rights reserved. ​

  • Film | Noire Pictures

    Founded in 2019, Noire Pictures is committed to excellency in the field of Cinematic Arts and Writing. ​ ​ ​ Página Inicial


    THE SPIDER WOMAN (Feature Film) *script outline upon request Feature film to be produced Two sisters, a recently deceased Italian grandmother. And the resurrection of them all. ​ ​ In a stolen car, two distant sisters remember their recently deceased Italian grandmother as they drive to her funeral in the city of Sāo Paulo, Brazil.

  • The Speakeasy | Noire Pictures

    The Speakeasy ( TV Pilot) * Script and Bible available on request When a once successful entrepreneur - and head of a family finds himself involved in a crime, aging, disruption of his position of power and rigidity to change in a new digital society - he needs to learn to lose control gracefully and ... with Jazz Music from the 1930's!!

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