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short film in post production  



We're all in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars ...

Oscar Wilde







Porcelain talks about innocence. From the trajectory of the interrupted girl who was suspended in chaos (broken like porcelain) but protected by her own innocence. Like the characters of Tennessee Williams, Charles Chaplin (The Tramp) who belong to nothing but accept the invitation to ride the chaos, and experience the magic - which begins in the deepest desires, of the magical solitude of our childhoods.


















Cast and Crew

Script and conception: Paula  Gelly

Director of Photography: Bob Wolfenson

Producer: Paula Gelly, Estudio Bob Wolfenson

Graphic Design: Guto Lacaz

Production: Luciana Lehfeld, Kat Rosa

Hair and Make Up: Studio W/ Wanderley Nunes Team

Partners: YogaFlow, Gaia Pole

Porcelain © 2019, Paula du Gelly. All rights reserved.

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